Located 1,300 metres above sea level, surrounded by majestic peaks and dense canopies of the Penrissen range, Kampung Kiding sits higher than most other Bidayuh villages in the area. Its people are said to have originated from another village, known as Kampung Dado, and they have been calling this settlement above the clouds their home since the 16th century.

Various geographical factors drove the villagers to resettle into Kampung Kiding, which is now home to some 500 people. There are 64 households in Kampung Kiding, with a good balance of men and women, although only 30% of the villagers are from the younger age group.

To reach the village, one needs to drive approximately 67km from Kuching City to SK Kambug, and then go on a 2km hike (takes about 1½ hours) from SK Kambug to the village.

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Bakas Daneu
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