Pa’ Lungan simply means Lungan River in the Kelabit language. The village of Pa’ Lungan is home to 34 Kelabit households. It is located about 14 kilometres from Bario Airport, and one can either get here via a 4-hour jungle trek or by 4-wheel drive, which would take 1 hour, depending on the weather. It is pleasantly cooling here and the temperature can go as low as 14°C.

The villagers here are mainly farmers, and Pa’ Lungan is of course best known for its top quality ‘Beras Adan’ or more famously known as Bario Rice. Besides farming, the folks of Pa’ Lungan also do some hunting to supplement their livelihood.

Within the confines of the village borders, one can find an ancient megalith known as ‘Batu Ritung’, which was erected to honour a great warrior and aristocrat. Carbon dating reveals that the megalith is about 2,000 years old. There is also another megalith that can be found near the village, known as ‘Perupun Rayeh’. And in addition to these ancient monuments, a recent discovery has been made of a village in ‘Ra’an Ubud Pait’, which is said to be the 4th oldest village in all of Borneo.

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