Conservation and propagation of Litsea cubeba

L. cubeba is a naturally occurring species that can be found in abundance, especially in the highland areas of Sarawak. The indigenous communities are partnering with SBC to conserve the plant.

They are introduced to Good Wild Craft Practices (GWCP), which is based on selective harvesting. With GWCP, the plant parts that produce essential oils are harvested without having to cut down a single tree, thus allowing the regeneration of the plants until the next harvest.

Aside from the harvesting methods, GWCP also covers personal safety of the harvesters, personnel and hygiene of the tools used, as well as post-harvest processes. All these contribute to maximum output and elevated quality of raw materials that will directly affect the quality of LitSara® essential oil.

Propagation is also carried out in effort to conserve the plant, and to replant it in its natural environment.

Propagation is done from cuttings of young shoots, seed germination and wildlings. Communities involved are encouraged to intercrop other frequently used smaller plants or shrubs with L. cubeba.