SBC's Product Development Programme

Harnessing the potent powers of naturally derived ingredients, SBC's Product Development Programme is focused on the development of herbal therapies, nutraceuticals as well as natural ingredients for healthcare applications. We currently have over 300 pure essential oils from medicinal and aromatic plants in our inventory.

Our research team is constantly working to understand their useful properties, with the aim of improving their applications. Various prototype personal care and household products infused with these essential oils have been developed. Under this programme, a value chain is created from growing the essential oil plant, to branding and market.

The Litsea cubeba is one such example of a plant that has been identified for use through SBC’s research. It is locally known as Pahkak in Bidayuh and Tenem among the Kelabit and Lun Bawang communities. The plant is commonly used by these communities to season their food or relieve stomach discomfort.

The Litsea fruit emits a lemony smell while the leaf has a refreshing, minty aroma. These scents come from the natural essential oil in the plant. The major components of the fruit oil are citronellal and d-limonene, while eucalyptol is the major component for the leaf oil.

Studies in the lab show that the essential oils from the fruits and leaves of Litsea cubeba have anti-microbial and insect repelling properties. We created a trademark for the oil from Sarawak Litsea cubeba, namely LitSara®.

LitSara essential oil

LitSara® oil has a pleasant smell that is both refreshing and revitalising, and is used in our personal care products. We believe that consumers will enjoy the natural, rejuvenating benefits of LitSara® oil.