Nature’s gift to mankind
Derived from the majestic rainforest of Borneo
Derived from Traditional Knowledge
A plant that is utilised by Sarawak's indigenous communities
Sharing of Benefits
Improving indigenous communities' livelihood through partnerships
Sourced from the lush and majestic rainforest of Borneo, the Litsea plant is traditionally used by the indigenous communities in food and as medicine. Typically found growing wild along Sarawak’s highland slopes, it is known to the Bidayuh as pahkak, and called tenem by the Kelabit and Lun Bawang people.
<h2><em>Litsea cubeba</em></h2>

Litsea cubeba

Scientific studies conducted on Litsea have shown that its oil contains antimicrobial properties, making it suitable for use in personal care products.
<h2><em>Scientifically Supported</em></h2>

Scientifically Supported

LitSara® Souvenir Products Range

The LitSara® brand encompasses a wide gamut of souvenir products that are safe for everyday use. The range includes liquid hand soap, body wash, shampoo and an invigorating essential oil that leaves users feeling fresh and revitalised.

LitSara® products also include a multi-purpose spray for household and office use.
LitSara® Souvenir Products Range
Natural Body Wash RM16.20 Details
LitSara® Souvenir Products Range
Natural Shampoo RM16.50 Details
LitSara® Souvenir Products Range
Sniff Jar RM18.30 Details
LitSara® Souvenir Products Range
Natural Soap RM19.20 Details
LitSara® Souvenir Products Range
Air Freshener RM13.30 Details
LitSara® Souvenir Products Range
Essential Oil (Leaf) RM144.30 Details
LitSara® Souvenir Products Range
Essential Oil (Fruit) RM144.30 Details

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A Community Benefit Sharing Project

Bakas Daneu
Bakas Daneu Kampung Kiding
This project aims to benefit people everywhere, all over the globe
Jerome Giak
Jerome Giak Pa' Ukat
This project draws interest from entrepreneurs and will ultimately help to boost the economy of the indigenous communities
Besar Padan
Besar Padan Long Telingan
There is great potential in this project, and it is crucial that it is expanded to involve more indigenous communities of Sarawak so as to improve their socio-economy, especially the younger generation
Agong Taie
Agong Taie Long Kerebangan
Research and development conducted by agencies like Sarawak Biodiversity Centre (SBC) have added economic value to our Traditional Knowledge or TK
Pasan Paran
Pasan Paran Pa' Lungan
The project can attract tourists to come visit our beautiful villages. This gives the villagers an opportunity to earn additional income and improve their quality of life