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Sarawak Biodiversity Centre’s Product Development Programme

Harnessing the potent powers of naturally derived ingredients, SBC's Product Development Programme is focused on the development of herbal therapies, nutraceuticals as well as natural ingredients for healthcare applications. We currently have over 300 pure essential oils from medicinal and aromatic plants in our inventory.

Our research team is constantly working to understand their useful properties, with the aim of improving their applications. Various prototype personal care and household products infused with these essential oils have been developed. Under this program, a value chain is created from growing the essential oil plant, to branding and market.

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Thank you for choosing LitSara®, a product that has its roots in indigenous communities' traditional knowledge and uses. An equitable portion of the proceeds from your purchase will be shared with the indigenous communities of Sarawak who have contributed to the development of LitSara® and towards their ongoing efforts to document and develop traditional knowledge, and conserve biodiversity that has served mankind of uses over time.

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