Five Indigenous Communities and Sarawak Biodiversity Centre Seals Benefit Sharing Agreement

The Inspiration of Sarawak's Indigenous Communities

Ensuring that the valuable traditional knowledge is valued by those who use it to develop a range of products, and that benefits are appropriately shared are the common goals of this project and the implementation of Access and Benefit Sharing (ABS) in Sarawak.

How Benefit Sharing Agreement (BSA) Benefits The Communities

The official signing of the Benefit Sharing Agreement between Sarawak Biodiversity Centre (SBC) and five indigenous communities presents new avenues for wealth generation through alternative socio-economic activities for the participating indigenous communities. In addition, this aligns with Sarawak Government’s vision to move beyond traditional industries and explore alternative economic growth resource through science that fully taps into Sarawak’s rich biological landscape.

The BSA presents three-fold benefits to the participating indigenous communities - recognition and respect to the communities’ rights to its biological resources and associated traditional knowledge (TK); ensures fair and equitable sharing of monetary and non-monetary benefits arising from the utilization of biological resources and associated TK; as well as promote the importance of biodiversity conservation.

Thank you for choosing LitSara®, a product that has its roots in indigenous communities' traditional knowledge and uses. An equitable portion of the proceeds from your purchase will be shared with the indigenous communities of Sarawak who have contributed to the development of LitSara® and towards their ongoing efforts to document and develop traditional knowledge, and conserve biodiversity that has served mankind of uses over time.